Directed Dust Devil Destroyer Device

Is it possible to make a device that can set off a whirlwind like a mini-Tornado or Dust Devil? It could sure come in hand in Hostage Situations with police or to foil the escape of a suspect? What about wind generation machines, start up a dust devil to get the airflow moving then turn off the machine and the dust devil or whirlwind should continue on its own and the vortex could move a propeller blade like on wind turbine generators to make electricity? Of course if you think about a directed dust devil, such technologies would obviously have military applications to protect our troops in urban conflict where the fighting is at very close range and snipers are trying to kill you.I propose we make a machine which would be similar to the those spinning fire crackers you buy for the Forth of July and you could mount this on a Frisbee and send towards your enemy and as soon as it hit the ground it would fly back into the air straight up and spin while moving airflows nearby into a circle. In doing so it would also have particular ionic charge to attract and push particles in the air into circular and extremely fast airflows.

Once the device died down the airflows would continue and the dust devil would be blown by the local relative winds disrupting the enemy and thus allowing you safe travel to advance while they were busy dealing with a little man created piece of Mother Nature? Think on this.

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