Benefits of shower filters and the dangers of chlorine

Copyright 2006 Jason Bibb If you are concerned about your health as well as your entire family's health, you should take into consideration the benefits of shower filters. Pollution factors, chemical substances and adverse outside elements are affecting us day by day and we should try to avoid these dangers the best way we can. Nowadays, the water that we are drinking or the domestic water that we are using for our own hygiene has to be treated with a high degree of chlorine in order to eliminate some of the impurities contained within. What we don't know is that chlorine is being absorbed through our skin directly into our bodies. While showering, we are inhaling chlorine steams, which can be very dangerous to our health. Shower filters provide a solution to this problem by filtering out the negative elements that may lead to allergies or skin problems.

Benefits of shower filters and the dangers of chlorine The benefits of shower filters are numerous: chlorine removal, the prevention of skin rashes as well as hair dryness, the reduction of soap scum and also the removal of all kind of odors. The shower filters are balancing the water's Ph, also removing all sorts of synthetic chemicals that could damage your health and skin and hair quality. A recent study has proved that chlorine represents a real danger, possibly one of the main causes that are determining certain types of cancer and asthma. Due to the existing high chlorine levels in domestic water, the chloroform gas is spreading into the house and, more importantly, into your lungs and blood system. Chlorine is also attacking the skin's quality, stripping the natural protective oils from the skin as well as from the hair, producing a great damage, causing drying and premature aging. Filters eliminate chlorine problems Everyone who has ever been into a chlorinated pool noticed the harsh drying effect of the chlorine on his skin, hair and eyes.

That's why the benefits of shower filters are appreciated by people who are using them. Dermatologists also see the positive effects of shower filters and often advise their patients to purchase one for their home. They are easy to find - either buy it from local shops, or, better yet, purchase them cheaper from the Internet. The price is absolutely great compared to all the benefit of shower filters.

You might say that the water you are using is crystal clear and you don't need any shower filter, but I truly think that it would be wiser to avoid the skin and hair degradation, not to mention your overall health status. .

By: Jason Bibb

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