Bee Swarms and Team Work to Accomplish Tasks

Bees are small creatures individually, but together in a swarm they can take down a very large animal. When bees swarm they go into a frenzy and buzz a lot as we know? But really why do they do that? One online think tank member recently asked;."Does the combined sound they make trigger a bee adrenaline reaction, which intensifies as they group closer together?".Yes I guess there are chemical release issues, which are triggered by the swarming frenzy and the sound could be part of this? Is it adrenaline or some other chemical? Sure could be. Remember all fighting species seem which chose fight over flight do have a mechanism which triggers that response right?.If so that would make sense bio-logically and from my observations during the small swarm attack I experienced, it really seemed that was what was happening and the swarming sound did get louder as the attack went on for about 2-3 minutes and hundreds of stings [guessing-sure felt like it] pretty good memory imprinting on my part as my adrenaline was sure in high gear along with heart rate.

Numbers one and two could both be correct to some degree.During the swarm attack, having been attacked it seems that they wind up and ramp up almost like throttling up a jet-turbine and bio-system chemical releases seem to work that way in most animals, when they go in for the kill. Dogs do it, Humans do it, Birds of Prey do it. I imagine it is a normal and common thing amongst species. Now if that has been adapted and utilized over the millions of years into a communication system other than "kill" or "fight response" well I just do not know.

But it is not out of the question.The insects could be doing that or something similar with sound and that excites the grouping or swarm to become more involved in the mission or task and release chemicals stored for such a purpose. And where as someone may say I am nuts, I have observed such things. What do you think of these awesome little creatures now? Pretty smart to swarm like that isn't it? Consider all this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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