Artificial Intelligent Android Battery Charging Strategies

Did you kill most computers use up to 10 amps to run? That is indeed a significant amount of power and therefore if your artificially intelligent robotic android domestic maid and family companion is truly state-of-the-art then it will also have a brain which will be as big or bigger than the most sophisticated laptop. That is a lot of energy use and that means it will need significant batteries and of course if your domestic household helper is washing your clothes or doing the dishes you certainly will not want to run out of juice halfway through.Your artificially intelligent robotic android will need to be efficient in order to conserve energy and you'll want it to work for up to eight to ten hours without recharge and perhaps recharge overnight. There are issues with this in that it could cost as much as $25 per month just a power it up. This is without consideration of the monthly payment and insurance or service warranty costs.

A $5000 artificially intelligent robotic android is not cheap. Indeed, you will need to look into battery charging strategies and perhaps make sure that your robot comes with solar panels. So as you have it mowing the lawn or working outside raking leaves, it will also be charging.Designers and researchers in artificially intelligent robotic android units for the consumer market must be aware of the costs associated with powering up these high-tech devices.

These top-of-the-line units must have adequate battery life, rapidly charging and energy efficient strategies to insure consumer satisfaction. Consider this in 2006.

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