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Schools/Organisations/Conference organisers It can be so difficult to find the right speaker for a particular topic. A new section of the QEd website (

com) will make this job easier for you. I have years of experience organising conferences, training days and courses and am so frequently asked to recommend speakers, I thought that it would make sense to bring it all together in one area and make it accessible to whoever needs it. You will be able to get details on a wide range of topics, speakers and their charges, contact numbers etc. Just some of the topics include behaviour management, speech and language difficulties, ADHD and attention difficulties, autism, Asperger's syndrome, dyspraxia, dyslexia, maths, dyscalculia, PSE, inclusion, education in the early years and many, many more. I have only recently started developing this part of the site and will be adding more details over the next few weeks and months. .

By: Colin Gallow

Homeschooling and Education

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