Home Schooling The Best Choice - Home Schooling - The Best Choice.

Teach Your Kids Arithmetic The Nifty Five Square Technique - As a continuation in my series of articles on the merits of mathematics, I submit this topic for consideration by parents who want to give their children a serious edge in mathematics.

How to speak Italian when you cant - I know very little Italian, but I've chatted to one taxi driver from Cagliari airport to the centre of Rome (a forty minute drive) and to another from Naples airport to the city centre.

Learning Online Made Graduating Early Possible - I started on my bachelor's degree in health care administration over two years ago.

Better Speed Reading Techniques - Research shows that there is a big relationship between reading rate and reading comprehension.

Listening to Branding in a Writing Classroom - Familiar Landmarks .

School Leavers Forging their Certificates - School leavers in South Africa are forging their certificates in order to have a better chance of finding employment when they leave school.

Selecting Speed Reading Software - If you are interested in speed reading, it usually means that you are pressed for time.

Holding Back the Hope - We don't put enough faith in our children these days.

Understanding the GED Test - If you're planning to take the GED Test soon, you'll want to know how the test works and what the test measures since test knowledge is a good way to outline a course of study and improve your score.

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