Accelerating Data Collection from Buoys

We must accelerate the data collection from the Buoys out there off our coasts because as we keep getting more intensive Hurricanes and larger Tropical Storms we will need to be able to advance our alerts to the citizenry to protect the American People. How can we do this faster?.Well how about laser aligning the buoys together and allow them to keep track of each other and then work together as teams? But if a buoy is going up and down how can you keep it laser aligned and what about the wave crests interrupting the signal? Well the interruptions of signal is easy enough, in that unless the waves were super intense each Buoy would always be connected to another one in lets say and artificial octagon grid.Each buoy already has a small tower on it sticking out of the water and as far as temporarily being out of sync, that would not matter as it would take averages and the light would send the data so fast it would only need a millisecond of directed beam to send the information needed. Even if a full fledged Hurricane was going on they could communicate as each one crested the next big wave.

But who has this technology and how do you know this could even work? Well, NASA and the US Military now have this technology and are using it for information and communication with small micro satellites and also for long distance communication with space probes. Why not use it here on Earth too in our oceans to make sure we have the data we need, when we need it. So, consider all this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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