Accelerating Active Alpha Male Fight Response Alert System

For soldiers in the battlefield there is a lot of hurry up and wait. So many times they are forced to sit on their ass only to see a little bit of action now and again. Thus one gets complacent and the fear, which ramps up alertness, also turns to mush. Unfortunately when a lackadaisical attitude sets in it can be dangerous for the soldier and his lack of alertness can in fact get himself and his comrades killed, not good.There is a way to stop these issues from killing our troops. No, we probably cannot stop the boredom, but we can bring things back into perspective a whole lot faster and even skip the response time which comes from the sounding of bull horns or alert systems.

How so you ask?.Well I propose a brain wave electronic pulse sent throughout the base camp, military base or outpost. This alert would be an extremely low frequency but would peak the brain to the ultimate alert status and simultaneously accelerate a primordial innate brain response of the Alpha Male.

A fight response brain wave alert system is what I am referring to and.I believe we currently have the technology to make something like this a reality and it would save lives in the battlespace and could become a very important part of our future force allowing our organic response to coincide with first alert sensors in the net-centric fast pace game of future warfare. So, consider this in 2006.


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