Accelerating Absorption and Evaporation

How can we assist in flooded areas after natural disasters to get rid of the water faster? How can we allow the soil to soak up more water in order to remove some? How can we get the water to evaporate quicker and help in the clean-up efforts? Did you know that large lakes can lose several inches in just a few very hot summer days due to evaporation?.What if we could increase the evaporation 10-fold and allow for much faster absorption of the freestanding water after flood events, Hurricanes or Torrential rains? If we could, we could save ourselves millions of dollars during clean ups and potentially prevent Mosquito populations from getting a foothold and further causing issues with diseases and unbearable situations for clean up crews and residents who are trying to rebuild. There may be a way to do all this and more; how so you ask?.Well we can use super high-energy lasers to super heat the water and cause it to steam and thus slightly sterilize it and cause instant evaporation. Providing there is a wind, the water will make its self into a cloud and blow away. The 2200 plus degree laser will kill the Mosquito larva and this will decrease much of the freestanding water.

For instance in New Orleans many swimming pools are filled with disease infested, Mosquito making and polluted water. We can fix that. Perhaps we should consider this in 2006.


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