Abbreviating Energy Capacity in Aftermath of Natural Disasters

As we learn how to better respond and deal with Natural Disasters it is obvious that we must deal with issues of infrastructure outages such as water, power, sewer and fuel. In the case of power lines down and power stations out they will be repaired, but it takes time.Often the power lines are fixed on most need basis, but not always, sometimes they are fixed on what is able to be gotten too first. In that roads may also be out making some access to fix the power lines and power poles impossible. Sometimes the tasks and damage repair missions seem insurmountable, but generally power crew teams from around the country show up and get busy and eventually everything is turned back on usually well before the original damage assessments predicted.The public should know just because your power is turned back on that conservation of energy is important as large pumps and other machines may also have huge energy needs and they are part of the on-going clean-up.

These types of things could go on for many days on end.Abbreviated energy capacity to certain areas may also be necessary in the aftermath of a Natural Disaster to insure the infrastructure power plants can run even if not at full power. It behooves our citizenry and power companies and agencies to work together, as some power is better than none and in someone's time of need that may be all they need to survive. Consider this in 2006.


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