Abatement of Nano Bots and Swarms via Electromagnetic Charge

In the future for we may find that the enemy is using Nano bots to attack our troops on the battlefield. These nano bots will come into our base camps and military positions and interfere with the human bio-system of our soldiers and in doing so will either render them unable to fight, unwilling to fight or even killed him.In other words the enemy will be using microscopic weapons, so small that you cannot even see them and they may even challenged our very best current technologies for sensors, which may prevent us in the detection of these devices. It is for this reason that we must figure out a way to stop Nano bots coming in wave after wave in swarms to kill our soldiers.You are probably saying; that is impossible and if it ever comes to be there will be no way to stop them.

However, I disagree and believe that we should invest in research and development dollars for this potential eventuality. There is no reason that we cannot set up an electric current similar to a mosquito zapper that you put on your patio.The only difference would be that the electro-magnetic charge would be more of the virtual fence surrounding the base camp or our military troops positions.

If a swarm of Nano bots came close and passed over the virtual fence, they would be zapped into next week. Then it is only a matter of designing a robotic vacuum cleaner to vacuum them up. Consider this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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