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Every article that we read comprises some vital sentence which describes the gist of it, its major points and arguments. The same pertains to all academic projects. Whatever project you are assigned with-either it is a one-page descriptive paper or 100 pages dissertation, whatever the topic of the project may be, whatever the scope of the research- it should contain one or two sentences which provide the reader with the most important points of the contention of the writer.

This contention- the essence of your argument is your thesis statement. It is almost indispensable to provide your reader with the thesis statement, which should reveal your main arguments in several sentences (preferable in one or two) and offer the reader the main points of your essay.

In order to produce a thesis statement one should always bear in mind what questions, should be researched and answered in your paper. Undoubtedly it is one of the most difficult tasks that students face. The questions that are asked in the research are extremely valuable in the designing of the thesis statement. Once you have listed several questions that should be answered, you should start distinguishing the most important questions from subordinate ones.

Once your have singled out the most important questions, you can start using them as your thesis statement.

However, in many departments it is necessary to develop and state your thesis proposal. One shouldnĀ't confuse these two processes; remember that your thesis statement is used in your writing assignment, whereas your thesis proposal thesis proposal is mostly used in the drafting of your paper.

In writing of your thesis proposal one should reveal how this topic is important not only for your topic, but for the subject and even science in general. One should show the significance and importance of the problem, you have decided to research. In your thesis proposal, apart from purely theoretical part, there should be also some practical guide on how the date and information needed for the research can be collected. And one of the most important tasks of writing of the thesis proposal is to develop and improve of your proposal writing skills. Whatever your department is- either it is a law program or medicine school, engineering of economics, lucid, persuasive and convincing proposal writing skills are useful acquirements for your career.

Certainly it is not possible to reveal all methods and ways of completing of your thesis proposal and thesis writing within the scope of one article; here I have outlined just general purposes of these processes. That is why is imperative to use guides (there are plenty of them on the internet as well) before starting to develop your thesis statement or your thesis proposal.

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Chris Wells is a senior editor at - Thesis writing service. He holds a PhD in Science and for now his major professional areas of interest include teaching at universities and consulting postgraduate students who find difficulty in completing their written assignments starting from essay writing to dissertation writing. His advice in forming thesis statement and stating thesis proposal is helpful to many postgraduates in becoming recognized scholars due to excellent thesis structure. .

By: Chris Wells

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